Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The 5 Emotions of The Glee Project

I'm sure there are hundreds of emotions that overwhelm the lives of the contenders on The Glee Project. Here are the five featured emotions of the final five contenders.

"Determined to win. Determined to NOT get scolded by Nikki-No-Soul in the studio. Determined to be the next Finn Hudson."

"Scared of being in the bottom three for the sixth time. Scared of having to get stripped down by Aylin again. Scared of the fact that I'm actually going to punch someone in the face before this competition is over."

"Angry because I actually have to be on this show to prove my worth to the entertainment industry. Angry because I played a role in 'Melissa and Joey'.  Angry because Michael thinks he can be better than me."

"Anxious to go home and deal with my family. Anxious for Charlie's arrival back to The Glee Project for the finale. Anxious because I know I'm going to win."

"Excited because Roxanne comes with me everywhere. Excited because I'm stuck in the 80's FOREVER. Excited because I'm 90% positive that I'm going to win my third homework assignment."

I hope I made y'allz giggles! The finale is tonight! I'm so nervous and excited! Right now, I'm totally rooting for Aylin. I should be live tweeting throughout the finale. Get excited!

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