Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Ugh. THIS KID KILLS ME. "Charm on a Stick" as Ryan Murphy would say, and I could NOT agree more with that statement. Well said.

So, Michael hasn't been the best in the studio these past few weeks. I love him so much, but it infuriates me beyond comprehension when he fucks up in the booth because I don't think I'd be able to watch him get booted from the show without crying like Mr. Schuester during Nationals.

Every single week, Michael kind of skates on by while everyone else is literally killing themselves trying to win the homework assignments and trying not to get eliminated. You know it's true. Michael just does his own thing, and it works.

"What up Amber Riley?"

Yeah, so there he is... just doing his thing. And he manages to pull it off! What about that is "tenacious"? All I see is a dude that can get a girl pregnant just by singing to her. For serious.

HERE'S AN IDEA! Let's just tell him that he's not as good as Blake. Yup, that'll show him.

"Uhhhh... but Blake can do it."

"So can I, biotch. I just need like twenty tries first."

I have always considered Nikki to be a huge asshole, but telling someone that another contender is better than them while they're trying to focus? Not cool.

"Get ready to meet Blake 2.0"

So after Michael ended up finishing in the studio... it was now time for him to actually do something SERIOUS so that they don't send this beautiful boy home.

But my first question is: HOW THE HELLZ IS SOMEONE SUPPOSED TO FUCKING PLAY DOUBLE-DUTCH IF THEY DON'T KNOW HOW?!?!?!? This applies to Abraham, too. I went to an all black elementary school, and I can't even do that shit.

Erik and the mentors eventually figured out that double-dutch is hard as shit, so they switched to regular jumprope. Bravo, fucknuts. Anywho, I posted a link to "Eye of the Tiger" in my Dueling Divas post. But let's look at some wanky Michael screenshots, shall we?


Now that we have all shared that moment together, we can proceed to being angry that Michael was in the bottom three. It pains me to admit this, but he didn't shine this week in the homework assignment or the studio. The video, though? I think they made a bigger deal out of the jumprope debacle than they probably should have. But I expect nothing less.

Michael came back full force with a last chance performance that I can only explain as a teenage dream. I was terrified that we would all have to relive his "Lucky" performance. Thankfully, we didn't have to. His rendition of "Brick" by Ben Folds Five was a compilation of everything good in the world coming together in the form of a boy who I expect to be the next Finn Hudson. A Finn Hudson that can actually dance, well.

I'd be comfortable telling you all that that just may be the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life. It was fantastic. The last thing I would ever do is compare this kid to Blake. Yes, Blake's good, but Michael is one of a kind, and gives us something to root for. Absolutely amazing. 

Michael Weisman FTW.


For your viewing pleasure. I know I'm not the only one who LOVED this.


Man in the Mirror

Abraham, oh Abraham. Such a rough week for this guy. As much as I love him, he was definitely the weakest link in general this week. I heard rumors before the episode aired that he was going to be sent home this episode. Don't hate me for it, but I wasn't surprised.

When it came down to the bottom three, (Lily, Michael, and Abraham), it was obvious who was going home based upon previous weeks and the all-around performance of Abraham in the video. If it were based solely on LCPs this week... that's a whole different ballpark because all three of them stepped up and worked the shit out of the songs they were given. 

"I embody tenacity. I was supposed to be a lawyer."

And that, he did! His performance in the homework assignment was pretty solid, and I disagree 100% with Amber Riley's comment about his diva-ness and "playing a character". I thought he was one of the strongest in the homework. I really don't think that anyone didn't do well, though.

That's the sex. I still think they should have done a song by "Tenacious D" for the homework assignment. Lucky for them, I don't work for The Glee Project. Maybe one day...

Ok, when talking about anyone's performance in this video, it is kind of difficult to criticize because of the terms and filming requirements. They had to film it in one take, and that has to be one of the hardest things to do. Like I said, the video was PERFECT, and everyone did wonderfully considering what they had to do. Then, Abraham fucked his ankle up...

I can't help but feel like this screwed his WHOLE game up for the video. I mean, how could it not? If this video didn't have to be shot in ONE take, they could have used his shots prior to his fall. Unluckily for him, that's not how tenacity week goes. 

Before I go on, I think that the editors fucked him royally for this episode. Yes, Abraham mentioned his fall numerous times, and even said:

"If there's a will, there's a way. If that's not tenacity, then YOU TELL ME."

Which might make him seem like he was using it as a tenacity advantage. But also consider the hours upon hours of footage that they don't use. That one single line shed a different light on the whole situation. For the record, I don't think his accident was on purpose and I don't think he played it to portray himself in the most tenacious of lights. It happened. They chose to use it. Whatevz. 

Like I said, I think he had the weakest performance in the video, and when the competition has only seven remaining contenders, being the weakest will ruin your chances and pretty much guarantee you a slot in the bottom three.

Now, let's talk about his LCP. By far, his best performance to date. I thought his rendition of "Stereo Hearts" last week was the best. This week, he proved his vocal power, once again. 

During his practice, I was very worried due to his overflow of emotions. But this kid really killed it. Even though this was his last week, he went out with a BANG, and I'm so proud of him. 

Beautiful. Wonderful. Amazing. Moving. Powerful. I really have to say that I enjoyed watching this performance (all seven times). And Abraham, if you're reading this... I think you're an amazing person, an amazing performer, and every other positive praise I can give you. You have shared your story with so many people who now look up to you. You should be so proud of yourself, man! I wish you the best of luck in your career that I am sure is going to be an amazing ride. Much love to you!

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Dueling Divas

We all know now that Aylin and Lily are like BFFs. But, it really doesn't seem like that in these past few TGP episodes. Maybe the editors just want us to see them feud, I guess. It's slightly entertaining to watch, though. I mean, this is reality television.

Lily is LOUD. Some may deem that as annoying (i.e. Aylin), but, hey. Lily said it best in her own words.

"I have an amazing, loud, BOOMING voice."

Yeah, guys. Like... get over it. But on the real tip, she's a performer. She shows her personality through her performances. From what I've gathered, it works for her. 

"OMGZ Lily Mae is so louddd!"

"If getting bitch-slapped is on your wish list, you've come to the right place."

Honestly, though... Why would you put the girl you deem to be the loudest right in the front during a group vocal session? The answers to these questions, I'll never know. 

Let's take a step back to the homework assignment.

"I should have won. I should win every week."

Really, Aylin? REALLY? Did you see Ali rock the shit out of that song? I know I did, and her victory was well deserved. But, don't worry, my bitch... you did fantastic, as well.


Moving on...

To say the least, this video shoot was insane. How the hell everyone made it through and came out with a PHENOMENAL video is unbeknownst to me. I wouldn't have made it past take four. These kids really have some serious fight in them.  


Lily's fall was hilarious! I'm just glad she didn't get hurt. One of my favorite things about her is that she always provides me with the best screenshots ever. But, taking off tight ass sweatpants while wearing sneakers has to be difficult. So how do we find a solution to this dilemma?

 "Can you help Lily strip?"
"Uhh.. Yeah.."


Needless to say, that shit was hysterical. But, it worked. And OF COURSE in the end, it came down to a decision between which one of them would be in the bottom three with Abraham and Michael. And to be frank, I still don't know why Lily was in the bottom three again. When I watched this video, she stood out more than anyone else did. She's a fierce bitch, but I think I said that before. Instead of screenshotting this video, here's the whole thing.

They were all amazing, and it pains me to say that Blake and Shanna were among my top contenders this week, along with Lily and Aylin. The end result of everyone's performance was really good. It also pains me to say that Abraham was the weakest this week. I'll get to him in another post, though. Until next time, loves!

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