Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My Heart Is Gone

I think I'm going to take a slightly more serious approach to this post as opposed to the wit and hilarity that I usually bring to The OMGlee Project.

"What's Bobby bloggin' boutz?!"

I'm devastated. Absolutely heart broken... and I'm ready to rip Ryan Murphy's balls out through his mouth. Lily Mae's rumored elimination caught me off guard the morning of the Act-ability episode because when I watched the 'Perfect' video, I thought her, Michael's, and Aylin's performances were the strongest. Of course, after watching the episode, I further understood why she was eliminated. It is a decision I can respect because of the fact that the whole Glee writing team was there; they made the decision a little more credible and valid. Not just Ryan being a HUGE BITCH.

From day one, I visioned Lily, Aylin, Abraham, Michael, and Blake heading for the final five. I was never a huge Blake fan, but I do honor the fact that he is wildly talented. I chose not to see that at first, because I personally find him extremely typical and boring. Either way, I knew he would make it to the finale.

"Yeahhh... we all knew that."

Honestly- I thought Lily would, too. Not just because I fucking love that girl with all my heart, but because I saw raw and honest potential for her as a character on Glee. I saw her grow every week in a way that humbled me. I watched her show the world that she loves herself, regardless of what odds may be stacked against her. I saw a girl on TV who wouldn't necessarily be considered (by the public), a sexy blonde bombshell, with a powerful voice and a stage presence that is blindsiding- embrace herself and LOVE herself.

I really thought that she could serve well on Glee. As I see it, she'll still make her mark on the world. She certainly did with me, and thousands of other people who consider themselves Team Lily.

Alright. The homework assignment. How did NOBODY besides Michael know the song 'Addicted to Love'? That blows my mind because Michael is the youngest. C'mon Ali! Represent for the 80's babies!

Their assignment in the homework was wild. They were each assigned an emotion they had to convey through the song.

I think that Lily got screwed in the 'emotion' department. Everyone else got better emotions that fit better with the song. Michael and Ali's were definitely the best, and I was thrilled to see my baby boy Michael finally win a homework. So proud!

In the booth, everyone's vocals were impressive. When Lily was recording, you could see on her face how much she felt for the song. When she said "it hits home", that means a lot because 'home' is where your true emotions lie; she expressively conveyed a very real emotion, and did it flawlessly.

She said she really wanted to connect this week, and that she did!

I was really into how into it SHE was. She went deep into the song and PERFORMED the shit out of it. Get. It. Girl.

Anyway. So why did Michael and Lily get eliminated? When I watched the 'Perfect' video, I personally thought that Ali's performance was the weakest. When I actually saw the whole episode, I could kind of see why. Yeah, Lily was beating around the bush getting to her line. So automatically, the mentors blamed LILY for Ali's weak performance. I thought that was slightly unfair. They both did well, but I thought Lily was better. I got more out of her performance in the video than I did from Ali. Sorry.

Whatever. You ALL know how pissed I am about Lily's elimination. I thought she was remarkable in 'Perfect'. I can admit that the five of them performed wonderfully. I still think Lily should have been in the finale. They could have sent Michael home and allowed Lily to continue her fight. She would have rocked the fuck out of the 'Tonight, Tonight' video, had she been featured. We'll never know now. I'm on the hunt for Mr. Ryan Murphy.


I was sooooooo excited when the mentors announced that all FIVE of them were doing last chance performances for the entire team of writers from Glee. That really is a blessing for all of them, because no matter what -  they got to perform for some of the biggest writers in television. Nothing can compare to that. And I am really happy for them, because they all WERKED their songs. Literally, every last one of them tore it up on stage. I'll admit that Ali's LCP was probably in my top three (although that kills me because I want Aylin to win). But Lily's 'Son of a Preacher Man' was perfect. She made me feel like that song was written FOR her. 

I went screenshot crazy on this bitch.

Because it was amazing. One of her best last chance performances. But let's get real; every single one of her LCPs were genuinely fabulous. That is hard to dispute because it's obnoxiously true. I just love this girl so much. If she made it to the finale, I think she could have won. I mean, all of them could; they made it this far for a reason.

Like I said in the beginning of this post, I heard about Lily's elimination a few hours before the episode aired. I was utterly shocked in every way possible. I can respect the fact that these writers are professionals and know what they are doing, but I disagree with her elimination. 

Needless to say, I have been a member of #TeamLily since episode one. I learned a lot from her, and I think she has star power and will go on and do great things. Lily, I love you so much and I'll be there to support you as a fan and a friend throughout your career, which I expect to be a wild ride for you. Whether or not you made it on Glee, you shared your story with the world - which is the ultimate goal of this whole thing, right? Just because you didn't win the The Glee Project doesn't mean you didn't win something equally important (or even more so) than being cast on Glee. You have so many fans that love, support, relate, embrace, and accept you for who you are. You love yourself regardless of what we're told to love in the magazines. It's refreshing to see that on TV, and so many people can be inspired by you. I wish you all the best in everything coming your way in life. Lots of love! MWAH!

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